The European Thermoelectric Society (ETS) is a non-profit scientific association, founded in 1995 as a regional organization of the International Thermoelectric Society (ITS). The ETS aims to represent the interests of everyone involved in thermoelectricity. It offers a platform to the thermoelectric community to improve exchange of information and pool resources. On the other hand it acts as a single point of contact for economy, politics, and the interested public. It is committed to watch trends, give directions for future activities, develop visions, and render guidance to those interested in the field. An important function is to raise awareness of thermoelectricity and its applications in Europe.

In order to live up to these purposes, the ETS is organizer of conferences in topics of interest to the community and establishes a communication network between members. In addition, the ETS is in close contact to other thermoelectric groups and societies in Europe and worldwide.

The ETS is open to individual persons with interest in thermoelectricity from industry or academia. Registration for the annual "European Conference on Thermoelectrics" automatically involves a one year ETS membership.

The affairs of the society are conducted by both the Executive and the Extended Committee.