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2nd Stuttgart Workshop on Thermoelectrics (SWT2)

On August 8, 2017, the 2nd Stuttgart Workshop on Thermoelectrics (SWT2) took place at the Institute for Materials Science of the University of Stuttgart / Germany. The follow-up event of last year’s SWT1 featured 20 oral and poster presentations and attracted more than 40 national and international participants from universities, research institutes and industry revealing the growing popularity of the conference. Topics span the whole range from basic research of common and novel materials through metrology to application.

The workshop itself was framed by two tutorials given by Prof. Dr. Terry M. Tritt from Clemson University (USA), a worldwide leading authority in the field of thermoelectrics. The two lectures titled “Overview of Thermoelectric Phenomena and Applications & Selection Criteria for Good Thermoelectric Materials” and “Bulk Thermoelectric Materials Measurements: A Look Behind the Curtain” offered valuable insights in the technology for both non-experts and specialists.

Due to the growing success with the scientific community this conference format will be continued. The next workshop in this series (SWT3) already planned for August 2018 will even broaden the range of topics to semiconductor basics and photovoltaic converters. Stay tuned to the “Phonons meet Photons Workshops”! Please send an e-mail to Dr. Wenjie Xie for further information.

More details, pictures and slides here.

1st Stuttgart Workshop on Thermoelectrics (SWT1)

Since 2007, Professor Anke Weidenkaff has been assembling scientists from all over the world every second year to promote cooperation in the development of thermoelectric materials and devices. Four very successful previous workshops and conferences in Switzerland (TEP-CH) were held in 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013 involving high level lectures of around 40 international and national distinguished invited speakers. In 2016, she was able to continue this splendid tradition by hosting a thermoelectric workshop in Stuttgart / Germany.

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ICT2016 Short Report

The 35th International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT2016) took place in Wuhan / China from May 29 to June 2, 2016. Professor Tang and his crew from Wuhan University of Technology arranged a perfect event in a beautiful venue. With 626 attendees, the conference was a great success

Six board members of the European Thermoelectric Society attended the ICT2016 (photo). Europe was generally well represented and it was a pleasure that Professors Hubert and Stanislas Scherrer (both Ecole des Mines, Nancy / France) were jointly presented with the 2016 Outstanding Achievement in Thermoelectrics Award.

Dr. Jan König and Prof. Dr. Yuri Grin were elected to the Board of Directors of the International Thermoelectric Society (ITS). Prof. Dr. Franck Gascoin was entrusted with the organization of the ECT/ICT2018 that will take place in Caen (Normandy) / France July 1-5, 2018.


1st European Workshop on Thermoelectrics - 1994 Dresden / Germany
2nd European Workshop on Thermoelectrics - 1995 Nancy / France
3rd European Workshop on Thermoelectrics - 1996 Cardiff / UK
4th European Workshop on Thermoelectrics - 1998 Madrid / Spain
5th European Workshop on Thermoelectrics - 1999 Pardubice / Czech Republic
6th European Workshop on Thermoelectrics - 2001 Freiburg / Germany
7th European Workshop on Thermoelectrics - 2002 Pamplona / Spain


1st European Conference on Thermoelectrics - 1987 Cardiff / UK
2nd European Conference / 8th Workshop on Thermoelectrics - ECT2004 Kraków / Poland
3rd European Conference on Thermoelectrics - ECT2005 Nancy / France
4th European Conference on Thermoelectrics - ECT2006 Cardiff / UK
5th European Conference on Thermoelectrics - ECT2007 Odessa / Ukraine
6th European Conference on Thermoelectrics - ECT2008 Paris / France
7th European Conference on Thermoelectrics - ICT/ECT2009 Freiburg / Germany
8th European Conference on Thermoelectrics - ECT2010 Como / Italy
9th European Conference on Thermoelectrics - ECT2011 Thessaloniki / Greece
10th European Conference on Thermoelectrics - ICT/ECT2012 Aalborg / Denmark
11th European Conference on Thermoelectrics - ECT2013 Noordwijk / Netherlands
12th European Conference on Thermoelectrics - ECT2014 Madrid / Spain
13th European Conference on Thermoelectrics - ICT/ECT2015 Dresden / Germany
14th European Conference on Thermoelectrics - ECT2016 Lisboa / Portugal