• The Association is open to individual persons with activities or interests in thermoelectricity from industry or academic
  • Admission of new members requires the agreement of the Executive Committee and begins after payment of the membership
  • Registration for the European Conference on Thermoelectrics (ECT) involves an obligatory membership of the “European Thermoelectric Society”. The membership starts from the beginning of the annual ECT on which the membership is acquired and lasts until the beginning of the following ECT. The membership fee will be covered by the conference registration
  • The Executive Committee may appoint a person as a honorary member in recognition of his achievements.
  • Resignation takes automatically effect at the end of the period covered by the membership fee. The membership expires immediately upon resignation, loss of legal capacity, cancellation, or death. The resignation must be declared in writing to the board. The deletion takes place by decision of the board, if a member has grossly violated the statutes or principles of the association.