Foundation of the Italian Thermoelectric Society AIT

After a constitutive meeting in Padua already on February 19, 2014, the “Associazione Italiana di Termoelettricità” (AIT) based in Milan was officially founded on June 26, 2014. The inaugural meeting was attended by six founding members: Umberto Anselmi-Tamburini, Alberto Castellero, Matteo Codecasa, Dario Narducci, Giovanni Pennelli and Andrea Tona.
At the „Third National Congress on Thermoelectrics (GiTe2015)” (the first under the aegis of AIT) in February the process of foundation was completed. As of today, AIT counts 22 members, who formally elected the President and the General Secretary along with the Executive and the Steering Committees. Initiatives have been undertaken to advertize the AIT within the Italian community and to promote thermoelectric research and technology in Italy, as well as to improve collaborations nationwide and at a European level.
The society management is composed as follows:

  • President: Dario Narducci
  • Secretary: Monica Fabrizio
  • Executive committee: Umberto Anselmi-Tamburini, Alberto Castellero, Matteo Codecasa
  • Steering Committee: Andrea Tona, Umberto Anselmi-Tamburini, Matteo Codecasa, Alberto Castellero